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John Redhead

Multimedia Artist




Perillos was an abandoned village in the Corbieres region of Roussilion and close to home. The myths, legends, folklore and gossip surrounding Perillos are strange, troubling and esoteric. Gossip weekly says that Mary Magdalene and possibly a crucified escapee called Jesus came this way, after fleeing Judea in 33 AD. There are many stories of her landing on the coast near Perpignan and heading for Myth Central, Rennes le Chateau. The sweet water would have been agreeable… And then there is the Grail Plateau and a pagan, sacralised landscape, sacred caves of initiation and shared dreams… I get my tools out.

I say Perillos and
be damned to you all!

Scouring the tableau of hills, blinking focus, one eventually discerns a subtle, hazy, pinky smudge; so far out-there to beg, ‘why on earth’? A pinky smudge of pale-clay pantiles, put there when land, dwellings and wells were synonymous. So, baked and odd and tussled, a fragrant but troubling start! The land seems to say, ’Speak, why are you here’.

…and One for the Crow: Words and Images of Ascent

“Like it or loathe it, it cannot be ignored’ A cult climbing classic from one of Britain’s most influential climbers. ‘…and one for the crow is a work of absolute originality… this is not polite litera­ture” Harold Drasdo


Soft Explosive, Hard Embrace: An Anti-vision of Snowdonia. A Poetic Saga in Words, Images and Sounds

An anti-vision of Snowdonia. A poetic saga of Dinorwic Quarry, in words, images and sounds. Includes a haunting CD sonic painting, created totally from sounds recorded at the quarry.


Colonists Out

Agent Rage of angry interactions, meets agent Calm of reasoned art interventions, as they search for a home that lies scattered somewhere in the heart of these pages…


Forthcoming publication

Amuse Bouche for the Hero Gone Bent. – A gathering of essays…and as she ‘falls’ through the fractal zone, they think they are in…not quite, distanced, angry and jealous, harassing and confusing the human mind into error and fear…


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